Didier, Travis and I got the various bits and pieces together for an Ubuntu Natty Maverick PPA for Compiz 0.9.x! Just do something like:

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

And you’re done! Happy testing!

43 thoughts on “PPA!

  1. i did tried with maverick 10.10 and was not working fusion-icon not working e enable effect not working going back to 0.8.6

            1. It’s because you need a new version of gnome-control-center (the one in natty) which isn’t the same in maverick. I’ll backport the needed fix in the ppa if I’ve time for that (probably next week). You can launch compiz with compiz –replace meanwhile.

  2. I’m so happy to try Natty for Compiz.
    You, maniac, and other devs have been working hard and many new options already added into Compiz 0.9 plugins.
    Could you announce when translation merges from pootle will be restarted?

    Thank you,

  3. I got compiz enabled in 10.10, but the package doesn’t look like it has an updated ccsm, so I am not sure how to configure it (most of the effects seem to be disabled).

  4. Thats what I’m wondering right now: how is this configured?
    Editing a file? Is there an updated config tool somewhere? I’d love to test some, but except for “it starts and lets me alt+tab” theres not much I can tell about it. :/

  5. Seems to work fine, but I’ll use it properly (and hopefully submit useful bug reports etc) when the PPA gets a decorator, and either the PPA gets a configuration tool or we get instructions on how to configure compiz 0.9.x by hand.

    1. The PPA should have a decorator.

      If you’re launching it from the terminal, you will also need to re-launch gtk-w-d since there was an ABI bump in between 0.8 and 0.9

      1. Right, thanks. Any pointers on how to configure compiz? I tried modifying ~/.config/compiz-1/compizconfig/config and Default.ini, but pasting my exported 0.8.6 configuration wouldn’t change anything, and trying to switch to the gconf backend crashed compiz.

      1. Well it is not packed in any PPA out there containing a build of 0.9.x, thats why i still keep compiz on Maverick-Updates version (0.8.6 with libcompiz 0.8.4). … wonder if it ever will be done, and whats so hard about it.

  6. A PPA for the current version of Unity will be available soon.
    When will we be able to see Unity and compiz++ running together?

  7. Any chance emerald will be packaged too?
    I cannont build it from git (0.8.5) and i find emerald (more) customisable that gtk-w-d (which isn’t actually configurable at all) 😀

      1. Ho, if i may provided an advice, just make configurable like emerald does, ie ability to move buttons positions, added additional buttons (always on top is a must for me), remove title of a window.

        And what makes emerald putting you in the need of doing *another* window decorator?

      2. Hmm.. just remembered this post of yours from earlier this year, where you criticized Ubuntu’s stated intention of using client-side decorations to implement per-window indicators (AKA windicators).

        Given your current position, does this mean that your new window decorator will implement windicators, doing what Ubuntu intended, but the right way?

  8. This works very nicely on my ubuntu 10.10 64 bit.
    Any chance that we get the plugins-extra package in that PPA? I sorely miss my 3d cube model, my cylinder cube, my beautiful “elements” and so on.

  9. I’ve come across the Unity PPA, which contains the 0.9.2 packages including ccsm, and I’m using properly now.

    This might be a temporary issue, but I tried to go to bugs.opencompositing.org and either get an internal server error or no response at all. I also noticed that there exists a bugzilla at bugs.compiz.org, but it’s a dummy installation. I’m looking to report a few glitches:
    – A problem with GNOME’s window list applet that makes it cover the whole right-hand side of the panel at start-up (but is solved by reloading gnome-panel)
    – Some problem with shadows (and possibly gnome-panel) which makes compiz segfault
    – Mishandling of minimized window previews (BTW, great new feature!) in the scale animation
    – The “natural” scale layout (great new feature too!) is not centered vertically on the screen
    – Segfault on trying to use the gconf backend
    This bug (surely an off-by-one issue somewhere) is still present (there is a compiz bug as well, but can’t find it with bugzilla being offline)
    – Some issues with focus stealing and off-screen positioning which I haven’t figured out how to reproduce yet

    I assume the Ubuntu bug tracker is not really the place to report these yet?

    Regarding the PPAs, there are (at least) a compiz PPA, an ubuntu-desktop PPA and a unity PPA, which for maverick contain a non-working 0.9.0 version, a version without ccsm and a full version (without plugins-extra though), respectively. All packages were uploaded by the same person (Didier Roche). Perhaps these should be cleaned up/unified to avoid confusion?

    Can’t go without mentioning other enhancements that made my day, like proper mouse cursor scaling in ezoom without breaking animated cursors (finally!), the improvements to annotate, and the overall (perceived) improved performance. Good job!

  10. Installing via
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:unity/ppa
    via synaptic doing the equivalent of -> sudo apt-get update -> sudo apt-get upgrade

    ccsm++: command not found

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/local/bin/ccsm”, line 126, in
    context = compizconfig.Context(screens)
    File “compizconfig.pyx”, line 1082, in compizconfig.Context.__cinit__ (src/compizconfig.c:9190)
    TypeError: an integer is required

    1. I figured out how to get this ppa Compiz to use my settings back from when my compiled Compiz 0.9.x worked.
      Copy or move the backup Compiz 0.9.x in~/.config/compiz-1/compizconfig/ ?optional?
      Rename the backup to add a .ini add the end
      Edit config file in that directory to point to the backup 0.9.x., without the added .ini
      About a second or so after it’s saved it becomes effective, same goes for when editing the file.
      Not as easy to use as using ccsm but it works for the most part
      Warning this advice could go bad, so don’t blame be if this crashes your system, ruins your settings, makes it so you can’t log in, etc…
      Not tested with 0.8.x series, etc…

      Also I tried:
      simple-ccsm &
      and got:
      /usr/bin/simple-ccsm:40: DeprecationWarning: Use the new widget gtk.Tooltip
      Tooltips = gtk.Tooltips()
      /usr/bin/simple-ccsm:182: DeprecationWarning: Use the new widget gtk.Tooltip
      Tooltips = gtk.Tooltips()
      Backend : ini
      Integration : true
      Profile : Compiz0.9MySettings1-Full.profile
      Adding plugins
      Initializing core options…done
      Initializing animation options…done
      /usr/bin/simple-ccsm:568: DeprecationWarning: Use the new widget gtk.Tooltip
      Tooltips.set_tip(widget, _((“Can’t find any animation extension plugins.”)))
      /usr/bin/simple-ccsm:415: DeprecationWarning: Use the new widget gtk.Tooltip
      Tooltips.set_tip(self, _(“Disabled”))
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “/usr/bin/simple-ccsm”, line 1374, in
      mainWin = MainWin(context, page)
      File “/usr/bin/simple-ccsm”, line 1170, in __init__
      File “/usr/bin/simple-ccsm”, line 1212, in Update
      File “/usr/bin/simple-ccsm”, line 682, in Update
      File “/usr/bin/simple-ccsm”, line 665, in FillAnimationBoxes
      setting = plugin.Screens[0][settingName]
      AttributeError: ‘compizconfig.Plugin’ object has no attribute ‘Screens’

      1. The Compiz++ I compiled doesn’t work,
        git clone git://anongit.compiz.org/users/soreau/script
        This repositories ccsm++ may not work,
        sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/test3
        but I can run my compiled
        and it’s settings will apply to the working compiz ppa version!
        although the following plugins don’t work.
        Error messages when run from console:
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘crashhandler’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘fadedesktop’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘notification’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘toggledeco’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘reflex’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘extrawm’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘grid’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘group’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ’tile’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘workspacenames’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘loginout’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘stackswitch’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘scalefilter’
        compiz (core) – Error: Couldn’t load plugin ‘bench’

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