Exodus to a new land?

Looks like it is actually happening . I might actually have to try and make it work


5 thoughts on “Exodus to a new land?

  1. exodus
    n 1: a journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environment

    I know you have written previously that Compiz will not abandon X11, therefore your use of the word “exodus” is rather alarming!

    I would really miss Compiz in my Sabayon Linux installations, so, to continue with your Biblical terminology, please ‘go forth and multiply’ rather than ‘escape’!

    1. I mean that everyone else is leaving to it 🙂 I will be maintaining both backends, although this will not happen until the FAR future.

    2. I will say, wayland looks very interesting and very promising, the most I look at the code and the architecture and play around with it, the more I am impressed.

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