Times like these

Can only be celebrated with strange delirious messages in the IRC channel


5 thoughts on “Times like these

  1. Something’s wrong about that screenshot. You’re using byobu, and evidently have multiple windows open in it. So why do you have tabs on top of that? O_o

    1. What can I say, I multitask well 🙂

      The screens are actually contained on a remote server somewhere at university, the tabs are for the local machines.

      The 94 channels are because … well I’ve been running this instance of irssi for about 3 months now. Heh.

      1. Actually, you don’t multitask well. I can tell you this as an expert. It’s just that only those around you notice the lack of brainpower (I hope you take no offense, it’s not meant as one, and it would be the same for me and anyone else 🙂 dedicated to them, from constantly having to switch tasks.
        It’s more that you’re a bit of a hoarder. 😉
        I can recommend the following: Never make lists more than 10 items long. (7-8 = ideal) If you have more, make it a hierarchy of lists of less than 10 children per node. For tabs, IRC channels, and everything else.
        That way things (like that mess 😉 quickly sort themselves out, and you will be able to keep an overview. (A normal human mind can keep 6-8 items in its mind at the same time.)

        1. By the way: If only our desktop environments and file systems were made that way. That would make using them much nicer.

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