Anybody still getting bug 709461?

Bug 709461 (and 755459) are starting to really get on my nerves. Not because I am affected by them, but because I have only been able to reproduce it once and that was when I wasn’t watching.

I’d love to fix this, but without being able to reproduce it easily, it is difficult to tell exactly what is going on. I’ve looked through the code that handles the tracking and untracking of windows (since that is what is causing this) and still can’t figure it out. This issue happens seemingly at random though so when users do get the bug it is already too late.

Readers on ubuntu, I have a small favor to ask if you are comfortable with it. I would like you to try the following:

sudo apt-get install bzr-buildpackage
sudo apt-get build-dep compiz

bzr branch lp:~smspillaz/+junk/compiz.spew
cd compiz.spew
bzr bd
sudo dpkg -i ../build-area/*.deb

Those commands there will install the bzr-buildpackage package, which allows you to build packaging branch packages simply. It will also install all the build dependencies for compiz. Finally, it clones my packaging branch which includes a special patch which will write to your .xsession-errors file a lot more about what is going on. The last set of commands installs the built debian packages on to your system. Once you log out and log back in again, debugging information will be written during the course of your session to .xsession-errors.

If you’re not on ubuntu, then I have also hosted the patch I used on this packaging branch here. You can apply it by building compiz from source, and using this before you build core

git clone git://
cd core
patch -p1 < 101_spew.patch
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

Once you get the bug, make sure to mail me with your .xsession-errors and the output of xwininfo -all when you click on the “dead region” of the screen.

Together we can fix this bug.

EDIT: That package won’t work on Oneiric, I’ll need to make a new one for that (because of the transition to GNOME 3.0)


15 thoughts on “Anybody still getting bug 709461?

    1. Indeed. I’m aware that it used to be quite common and now is quite rare. I’ve only seen it once here in the past 2 weeks. I’d really like to fix it though.

  1. It’s possible that it’s happening and you’re not even noticing though… I almost always notice it on reddit because I’ll be unable to scroll or select links in a certain area.

    I don’t know how long I’ll be on IRC tonight, but the pkgs built from bzr broke my compiz (And thus Unity) quite badly. There is a recursion bug that ends in a seg fault. I posted details in IRC. I’m going the git route currently — the compiz.spew bzr branch has more patches than just spew and this way I can get `cmake` to include debug symbols.

  2. Hello. Unfortunately I don’t have time to (try to) help in these weeks, however here are the two ways in which I can reproduce invisible windows:

    1) by clicking on the lower part of Alt-Tab dialog, when no window is below it (but this is *another* invisible window bug, isn’t it? I can’t find its number now…)

    2) a way to trigger MANY invisible windows is to enable the “Keep previews of minimized windows” workaround. Which however was not activated in the configuration reported in bug #755459. But maybe it can give a hint on what’s going on?

    Didn’t see any comment on (2) so I thought it may be useful.

  3. After updating Compiz from git today (june 9th) compiz is completely broken on my archlinux, gnome3 system. i was affected by neither of these two bugs – but your git logs would indicate you have fixed these bugs in compiz/git. (like 10-12 hours ago).

    unfortunately, compiz is now destroyed on my system, completely unusable. i can see windows but not interact with them, i can resize them, but not move them, and if i disable compiz in the running session i lose my display (all i see is black). awesome.

    i hope you are testing this stuff on non-unity, non-Ubuntu systems too.

    One of the great things about compiz is that it has always been somewhat desktop agnostic – and i think it is important to keep it that way.

    I’ll try compiling compiz in 24 hours, i’ll just use MacOSX instead. (i can’t be bothered to figure out where gnome-session-properties stores my startup apps (which compiz is one of).

    so for now, my system is broken. oh well. just thought i would mention that these recent changes are bad news.

    1. hi Sam, I’ve removed /usr/bin/compiz and was able to get into my desktop. I then removed every trace of compiz completely from the system. I then did a fresh compilation from git (just in case, my previous install was causing issues).

      compiz isn’t broken, atleast not totally – what is broken is compiz + gtk-window-decorator. If i just start compiz with “compiz –replace” i can manage windows (but naturally, i have no window decoration).
      I’m going to install emerald and hopefully will be able to use Compiz. So the latest revisions break compiz in gnome (G3 anyway for sure).

      i was also wrong about these to bugs being fixed. it would seem on closer inspection, that they were different bugs, and also some merges…looking at the git logs (compiz gitweb), it would seem the last working version of compiz + gtk-window-decorator on my system is from june 4th.

      i’m not sure if it is the Unity stuff that was merged in, or maybe the stacking fix…but one or more of the most recent updates to Git, has wrecked using compiz with gtk-window-decorator. Xserver crashes by killing gtk-window-decorator as well. (which is totally new to me!).

        1. hey Sam, thanks for the update. no problem…

          i will try the latest right now πŸ™‚

          I wasn’t sure which commit it was , so i ended up rebuilding just compiz/core ~ voila problem solved.

          i warned people in the ArchLinux forums who might have also been using scripts for git (or AUR) to not update compiz, as it will break ~ i will edit the post and let them know, that you have fixed it πŸ™‚

          keep up the great work, i am really happy sticking with compiz on my Gnome3 deskop πŸ™‚ Gnome-Shell to me anyway, has proven itself to not be nearly as worthwhile as compiz..

          oh and hey, i checkout out your recent wayland video on youtube, cool stuff πŸ™‚

          thanks again.


  4. Yep, I’m still getting this bug on Ubuntu 11.04 using classic mode, though not as often as before. It’s still in the lower alt-tab region, but it’s not triggered by alt-tab anymore. ‘compiz –replace’ still makes it go away. I’ve just compiled and installed your spewing package and will let you know if I’m able to reproduce it again. Compiz version before was 1:0.9.4+bzr20110415-0ubuntu2 according to ‘apt-cache show compiz’

  5. Hey guys,

    I noticed that i only seem to get this problem when I’m using google chrome. Thought i’d mention that in case there might be some pattern.

    Secondly, the bug seems to show for me after i click on images that open in a lightbox or lightbox type of frame…. You know the ones that enlarge from a thumbnail into the larger image? It doesn’t open it’s own window, it is draggable, and I find the problem tends to go away when all Chrome instances are closed.

    It might we worthwhile to mention I’m using nvidia with the built in drivers from natty.

    Anyone notice any similar pattern?

  6. Smspillaz, could you please have a look at gentoo’s bugtracker? πŸ™‚ There are many bugs with compiz (and compiz-0.9.x) and there is a leak of devs :(. Gentoo users would also become good testers and bug reporters. πŸ™‚



  7. I saw something like this (or it is this?) when I was playing around with switching between window managers. [I think it went like this at least, didn’t pay close attention to what I was doing, don’t even remember which version of compiz I tried this out on] I opened windows while in one window manager, switched to another, opened some more windows, and then finally switched to Compiz, every window opened in the first window manager disappeared, but was still there. (the second window manager windows where still shown) I could switch to the applications(like the typical alt+tab method) but nothing from these windows was showing on the screen. Upon exiting of Compiz, the windows showed back up, but disappeared yet again, when Compiz was re-run.

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