This is an important announcement

This is an important announcement

“So uh, apparently we’re not allowed to work. Sorry about that?”

“P.S: We’re kicking you off the plane”


14 thoughts on “This is an important announcement

    1. At some point probably 😉 There are already plugins to do it, but they don’t support input redirection yet.

      Also keep in mind that I am currently (still) stuck in the hotel/airport :p

  1. How could be this Compiz related?
    Now I’m more convinced that Compiz is a dead project, killed by the fags @KDE, GNOME and XFCE by stealing the code of Compiz and build their own.

    1. This particular post doesn’t relate to compiz. in fact, this blog isn’t just for Compiz – as the graphic at the top says “smspillaz” and Not Compiz specifically. (although, obviously Sam is the main compiz developer 😉

      Compiz isn’t dead either, it’s the basis of Unity. Tons of people still use Compiz (vanilla) as their compositingWM, including people using KDE, Gnome3, etc.

      Kwin shares some code with Compiz, but correct me if i’m wrong, but Mutter has a different approach and probably shares very little to no code at all.

      1. I will go out on a limb and agree that it’s difficult to feel like anything is happening with Compiz, that is not directly related to stupid Unity. I will also go out on a limb and agree that it feels like, rather than make Compiz function properly with every desktop environment, we’ve simply watched Xfce make a half-assed rip off.. meanwhile, Compiz still has no real support for Xfce, leaving us with a half-functioning piece of shit. There is no level of hacking that can fix the problems plagued by Xfce + Compiz setups, so why is there still no “backend” integration? Xfconf has been there for long enough.. use it if that makes it easier.. or don’t but for cryin out loud, let’s have some communion on this matter.

        1. That is up to Xfce to solve. Canonical has no obligation to integrate or fix every bug dealing with the environment. They’re trying hard enough to get compiz stable and usable for their product.

  2. …pitty that people are fond of NEW things rather than making the old better, more stabile and working. We people are in some weird way more complicated than we should and make things even more complicated. so what! I use compiz as a stand-alone shell chosen in the gdm on debian. It works, makes my work faster and more free (I am not meaning just the effects, since I’m working on an old computer, but I mean the actual work with moore windows and desktops).
    So, I am not gonna blame the companies for making more small stuff from a big one, but will use what I want to and that’s it.
    …btw, for rotation of the windows, simply use the “freewins” plugin that is available in the experimental addons. It’ve got it running on compiz 0.8x through

    ssuuddoo, Slovakia, Azerbaijan

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