Thanks for all the support.


18 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Compiz will be a core part of what changes a computer interface from a desktop experience to a truly interactive one. No matter when that happens and no matter how long it takes, you were a huge part of that and even if you never touch the code again, you should be proud of your accomplishment when it happens.

    I think that the worst coincidence is the fact that Freetrack is written in windows specific languages.

  2. Hey Sam,

    I’ve noticed you have no completely stopped using GIT for development. As a head’s up to various distro’s I think you should be making a post about this… as it would seem not too many people are aware of this.

    ~ i found the bzr for 0.9.7 works alright here in Archlinux land ~ although i have noticed that ‘Scale’ is only showing window borders for windows on the ‘current’ workspace ~ apps on other workspaces have no window decoration (i compiled 0.9.7 a few days ago, might be fixed now?) it is now a case where i MUST used a ubuntu-patched metacity or something?


  3. Just keep those updates rolling!

    Each step is progress, however small.

    When can we expect to see tickless compiz in the wild?

  4. If it was not for compiz, I might have been stuck with windows as my display brightness is high even after adjusting with given controls. It is the compiz’s opacity, brightness, saturation plugin that does the job of lowering the screen brightness. In windows there is a freeware by donationcoders called dimscreen which does the job. Thanks to compiz for keeping my eyesight intact. Infact for this reason compiz is not just eyecandy for me.

  5. Compiz was the major reason for my moving back to Linux, as strange at that might seem. And it’s not a move I’m likely to regret anytime soon. So thanks for all the dev effort.

  6. Compiz was my first experience with a compositing window manager, and I was astounded to see it in action. I’m equally surprised by how underwhelming all the other compositing wms are. That includes kwin, metacity, xfce, mutter… aero and OSX too. Everyone jumped on the compositing bandwagon, but none of the others have either the quantity or the quality of features and plugins.

    That said, I can’t (easily) use compiz on most of my systems today. In some cases it’s just because the distro doesn’t support it (anymore), and in other cases it’s because of GPU driver problems. I have no idea what my future desktop experience looks like (Unity is unusable, kde4 is crap compared to kde3.5, gnome3 is crap compared to gnome2, xfce and lxde are both under-featured), but I hope it will include Compiz.

    I’m sure there are many who love Unity, kde4, gnome3, etc. And I don’t doubt that they include many code, structure, and internal feature improvements over their predecessors… but the internals don’t matter if they no longer support the user-visible features I care about.

  7. Compiz is hands down my favorite Window Manager across any operating system. Thank you for all the work you have done and usability you have brought to my many Linux computers.

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