Introducing PolySquare


It doesn’t actually mean anything, but I hope its a name that sticks for a little while as I try to think of something better. I’ve been procrastinating doing this for a long time for lack of a name to put it under, but now that I’ve got a name, lets move forward under it. Maybe I’ll think of a meaning before I finish this blog post

PolySquare is going to the name under which I plan to eventually publish some useful software, that I’ll enjoy writing, releasing and maintaining, and which I am sure that others will find useful and a joy to work with.

After I left Canonical, I wanted to push the boundaries of some of the methodologies, practices and techniques that I learnt there during the course of my employment. You might get a feel for what I’m excited about, and that’s what PolySquare is going to be about. Stay tuned for a range of things, to do with code review and collaboration, test driven development, graphics, OpenGL and the like.

PolySquare is about the many squares pegs for the round holes that nobody else has filled yet. At first, I think what might come out of it will be unconventional and controversial. But I hope that through eventual refinement, those round holes will eventually be filled, and we will wonder how we ever got by without them.

I’m also proud to say that through PolySquare, there is a 100% commitment to open source software. Most (if not all) code published through PolySquare will be done so under an OSI approved license, and opened up for community participation and co-contribution.

Lets make lots of awesome stuff for what we thought was unsolvable. and will redirect to this blog for the moment, but I hope to have a functional landing page up and running soon enough.


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