I tend not to comment all that much on goings-on these days since I’ve lost friends by doing so in the past. However, I feel as though it would be dishonest for me to refrain from saying this:

Playing politics with source code repositories is an incredibly immature and unprofessional way of staging a protest against you don’t like. Every time this happens, greater numbers of the silent majority of FOSS developers become increasingly disillusioned and choose to emigrate to other communities, and other platforms.

A culture of negativity and exclusivity will ultimately drive your most impassioned developers away.


5 thoughts on “Comment

  1. A silent but published protest. My guess, is that you are referring to your current works related to gsoc xbmc, Wayland, mir stuff.

    OSS video purists nowadays tend to have professional interests vested in the software ecosystem and tend to be biased.

    Video on Android gives a lot of possibilities for those opportunists.

    But hopefully you keep sharing your thoughts and continue making great software. This is just a temporary symptom.

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