Bom dia!

University has all finished up this year. I’m really happy with the grades I’ve managed to achieve this semester – two of the highest grades I’ve ever achieved in law units. Bombed one exam, but still managed to do okay in the unit overall. Somehow managed a High Distinction for a Communications unit I thought I did awfully in. The mysteries of scaling.

I’ve been a little absent from lots of communities lately, so people might be wondering what I’m up to.

Well – I’m currently living here in Brazil for two months, involved with an organisation which I think is going to be a real gamechanger. I can’t say who they are or exactly what they’re doing – but they’ve got a very, very, very big goal and a very talented and enthusiastic team to bring that vision about.

I hope to get back (and report back) on what I’ve been doing with polysquare over this year as well. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been much due to the pure amount of study load I’ve had recently.



3 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Am I right in thinking you were the lead dev on Compiz? Even so well done on your achievements – and please post back with whats happening in South America – Epidemic perhaps? or even Musix! šŸ˜‰

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