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I’ve worked in free software communities for over five years, and as a professional software engineer for two years. The project which I’m most known for is maintaining the compiz window manager from 2009 onwards. I have also worked on the kodi media centregjs, and my collection of cmake modules.

My main interests at present are in automated software testing, system graphics and C++. I am a Law and Communications graduate at the University of Western Australia. I’ve been involved with several organizations seeking to make a positive change in the world we live in.


22 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. hi , guys , im sending this in hope por a puling that i think is gonna be so cool , ok , the basic idea at first is to make folders the way in vista aero , so u can see in a mini image what u had inside that folder , but then when u click to open the folder , the folder just get biger and open ( whit a open animation) to the folder and whte things u had inside , in that way you will fell that the windows is not moving , is just the folder , like the same way when you open a real folder , and would be nice if in that folde you can put your own “like wallpaper” or notes , like in real life .

    thanx , i hope people se this and get the way to do it , in order to prove in more than words , that linux is far 10 years in technology than windows , and more , to prove ourselves , that we make thing ourselves more fast , more secure , and more practicall.


  2. Hi, I added this blog to my blogroll, I’ve got an Spanish Compiz Fusion blog where I link my own youtube videos and tutorials about how to configure it, click my nick to visit Compiz Fusion Revolution, see you!

  3. I like Screenlets, don’t get me wrong, but the developer of Jackfield has been asking for help. Any chance you compiz-fusion guys/girls could offer some assistance or offer a possible merger? Jackfield looks very promising. It offers/will offer support for Apple’s Dashboard Widgets, Yahoo!’s Widgets, Microsoft’s Gadget Sidebar Widgets, and Opera Widgets, and you can write your own. This is much better than what Screenlets has to offer IMO. My questions are…

    1. Any chance you compiz-fusion/compiz guys/girls/developers could offer some assistance to the Jackfield project?
    2. Is there any chance of getting something like Jackfield added as a widget layer/plugin in compiz-fusion?



  4. same as mike. Ive come to your site by the youtube link. The quadboot. I’d like to have a semi detailed explanation on how to do that, in what order. Thanks, dobt give up

  5. Sm
    Hi I live in Brizzy and have been using elements for desktop default for some time. I use compiz from git using omegas script and recently elments -extendable was invoked. I have tried to get the iter to work but am not doing it right. I watch your screenshot and even copy all those settings. No effect. Can I call you to discuss what I am doing wrong. regards Kenny

  6. Sam
    Is there any chance that elements can have an interface more like the one Patrick Fisher developed. He has stated that even he was unhappy with the new elements. Just needs a liitle tweaking

  7. hey sam,

    as mike said, are you able to do a tutorial on your quad boot? I could do it on my own, but its always nice to have instructions to follow, just so i don’t stuff things up too badly 🙂

    thanks heaps,

  8. Hello, I was just wondering how one would go about installing the throw plugin. There is no makefile in the folder when I download it, only a folder named src, a text file named CMakeLists.txt and a file called throw.xml.in and the .git folder. I don’t quite know how to install the plugin with these files. I’m thinking that it has to do with the text file but I can’t find exactly how to do it via google, so some help would be nice.

  9. Oh woah woah woah

    Innocently sitting here at work, sorting through the mail, and I find your blog! Or really, one of them, as I’m sure you have more outlets for creative expression 🙂

    I’m working on understanding all the coding languages, but I’m too noob-ish for words to even start to cover it..

    See you around xD

  10. Most Business Knows How to Use Google ,But Most DO Not Know How their Businesses SHOULD Utilize Google to its Benefit \

  11. Hi Expertus Sum Team,

    First and foremost, nice work on the Expertus Sum blog. We love what you’re doing, and your posts were engrossing. We’ve been reviewing literally hundreds of presentation blogs, and we hand-picked yours as one that we thought would be a perfect fit with what we’re doing.

    You can rest easy that we’re not here to ask you to review our latest innovation in gluten-free energy bars or wipe-warming technology. We actually don’t even make those things.

    What we do make is Haiku Deck, a new free app that makes it incredibly easy to illustrate a blog post with style. Images are one of the best ways to engage readers, and with Haiku Deck you can create killer slideshows like this one (my story in Haiku Deck form), in no time flat.

    Would you be game for giving the app a try on your blog and letting us know what you think? We would be honored to have you as part of our creative community, and we’d truly value your feedback.

    I can get you started with everything you need and set you up with a premium theme — just let me know if we can count you in. You can reply directly to me or sign up for our blog club here (it’ll take less time than choosing a karaoke song, promise).

    Thanks so much,

    Erin Michael Vondrak
    Community Manager, Haiku Deck
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    P.S. If in fact you are already using Haiku Deck, Hai-5! I’d love to see what you’ve created with it and hear any feedback you have about the app.


  12. what is the state of compiz 9?

    can you share some thoughts about that?
    is there development happening outside of canonical?
    or is compiz no longer under development?

    note that i am interested in an independent compiz incarnation that i can run as my desktop without ubuntu unity. currently the distribution is use still ships compiz 8.6 and i am wondering if that is the end of it?

    i have tried other compositors but none offer the smooth virtual desktop experience of compiz.

    greetings, eMBee.

    1. Compiz 9 is quite dead ..some small activity you can observe on Launchpad few Compiz 9.X ppa’s.

      Actually, an old Compiz maintainer, mr. Scott Moreau, just released Compiz 8.10.

      Yes the C branch of Compiz [Compiz 9 is C++] which is very stable, bringing back all those old good plugins (Blur / RollUp Shade Animation / etc).
      Not a single crash yet after intense testing.
      Therefore downgrading was good.

      Instructions here if you wanna try : http://blog.northfield.ws/compiz-0-8-10-release-announcement/

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