The views, opinions and facts presented on this weblog are entirely my own and/or my interpretation. They do not represent the views of the Compiz project, Canonical Ltd., The University of Western Australia or any other entity related to me unless specifically mentioned in here. I strive to make all content as factual as possible, however do not make the assumption that all content here is true, please double check first.

Additionally, all content posted here, including videos and screenshots, is licensed under the Creative-Commons BY-CC-SA license, Copyright to myself unless otherwise specified or attributed. That means you’re allowed to repost anything you see on here under the conditions that any work you do post is attributed to myself, I’m not misrepresented and you licence any derivations under the same licence conditions. For more information on this, see this document.

All code that is posted here is licensed under the GNU General Pubic License Version 2 or higher with Copyright to myself unless otherwise specified in the code. This means that you are free to redistribute the code, modify it, sell it and make derivations of it however you must make the source code available to anyone you give derivations or copies to. For more info see this document.

Additionally, everything I post here comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. I can not be held liable for any damages my works may cause.


3 thoughts on “Legal

  1. Hey man, I’m just across the Tasman in NZ. Just thought I’d let you know that I think your work is awesome, and that one day when I get some time I aspire to get into compiz programming myself!

    Just a quick question — just read your previous post on wiitrack and openCV. I’ve got everything required for wiitrack to work, my 2 wiimotes working in ubuntu etc. but I never got the plugin going. Is there a working version available, and any how to now?

    thanks a lot

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