Artwork Contest!

From Patrick (Marex_v2) :


As you might know the Compiz Community Project (CompComm) is now known as “Compiz Fusion”.
What we need now is a logo and branding. And that’s where you take place.

Create a logo for the Compiz Fusion project and post your suggestions here.
After one week[two weeks] we will choose the best suggestion and use it as our logo.

Additional it would be nice if the new logo would include the compiz logo (link: in some way, but that is not a requirement and should only give you an idea what would be possible.

Also feel free to post some feedback, ideas and thoughts here.

Have fun,


27 thoughts on “Artwork Contest!

  1. Why not just use this “old” compiz logo as it is? I think it’s a nice piece of art, and by looking at it, I guess whomever made it has a great feel for design.

  2. Here’s a quick suggestion. Created in Inkscape, but renders like crap in Firefox, so I’ve linked to a high-res PNG instead of the original SVG.

    Compiz colours/feel; nuclear shape.

  3. Hi,

    I created very simple and expressive logo.
    Of course it should be more colored, 3D animated and so on.
    But main idea that it is same time an abbreviation of “Compiz Fusion” and like a KEY for new vision.

  4. Hi, im writing from Argentina, where can i post a compis fusion logo draft…? i spent some time drawing last night for the project and im ready to present my work…thanks…

  5. Not sure how to get an idea to you. (long-time designer with little web experience)
    I posted an idea at:

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